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Congratulations Dr. Petra Klein!

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Dr. Petra Klein, Associate Professor of the School of Meteorology, was elected to serve on the UCAR Board of Trustees for a 3-year term starting in January 2015.

Congratulations Dr. Frederick Carr - AMS President

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Our heartiest congratulations to Dr. Frederick Carr, McCasland Foundation Professor of Meteorology, who has been elected President of the American Meteorological Society for 2015-2018. Dr. Carr has been educating students at OU since 1979 and is a founding contributor to the COMET program, among numerous honors and experiences. He joins an elite list of past-Presidents and will serve as the third School of Meteorology faculty member to be elected AMS President (Dr. Jeff Kimpel and Dr. Elbert “Joe” Friday).

Congratulations Dr. Carr!

Dr. Jeffrey Basara Presents at International Science Symposium in China

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Dr. Jeffrey Basara, Associate Professor of Meteorology, was invited by the National Academy of Sciences to participate in the 16th Chinese-American Kavli Forntiers of Science symposium recently held in Beijing. He presented in the “Extreme Weather” discussion alongside a colleague from the China Meteorological Administration, an incredible honor for Dr. Basara and for all of us at AGS! 

According to the National Academy of Sciences, “This symposium series is the Academy’s premiere activity for distinguished young scientists. Unlike meetings that cover a single, narrow slice of science, these symposia are designed to provide an overview of advances and opportunities in a wide-ranging set of disciplines and to provide an opportunity for the future leaders of science to build a network with their colleagues. Attendees are selected by a committee of Academy members from among young researchers who have already made recognized contributions to science, including recipients of major fellowships and awards. Since its inception in 1989, more than one hundred fifty of its “alumni” have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, and ten have received Nobel Prizes. Many participants cite the Kavli Frontiers of Science symposium as one of the most significant experiences of their scientific careers.”

Outstanding Junior for 2014-2015

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The 2014-2015 Outstanding Junior is Brett Borchardt.  Brett is majoring in Meteorology and has a 4.00 RET GPA.  He is from Naperville, IL.   Brett has also participated in a number of extracurricular activities, including OWL, the SoM Peer Mentoring Program, and SCAMS, as well has volunteering for the Big Event, the National Weather Festival, and the Naperville (IL) Emergency Management Association.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Outstanding Senior for 2014-2015

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The 2014-2015 Outstanding Senior is Jessica Tomaszewski.  Jessica is majoring in Meteorology and has a 3.85 RET GPA. She is from Crystal Lake, IL. Jessica has also participated in OWL, SCAMS, the Big Event and Weather Fest, and has worked Weather Decision Technologies, OCS, the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Louisville, KY, and for NSSL in Norman as an (unpaid) honors research assistant.  She will graduate with a BS in METR Summa cum Laude this May, along with a minor in Math.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

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